Ma Faung Pin

  • $12.00

  • It’s just one straw…Thailand uses almost 100 million plastic straws per day, which equates to more than 35,000 million straws annually. Straw is ranked the second of marine debris after plastic bags.
  • Do you still remember a video filming scientists removing a plastic straw from the nostril of a sea turtle? Not only sea turtles are affected by straws, they can cause suffocation and death to birds, whales and other wildlife.

  • No one really wants to hurt sea turtles and marine animals by a tiny straw which is often used for just a few minutes. When ordering a drink next time, request “no straw, please.”

  • Material: black nickel plating with butterfly clutches to keep the pin securely in place
  • Size: 3 cm
  • Easily worn on a backpack, jacket, lanyard, hat, and more.
  • Great form of self-reminder and gift!