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About Dive Inspire

“Fulfilling our own desire” may be the best way to describe how we came up with Dive Inspire. From recreational scuba divers who are passionate about diving plus the desire to incorporate the amazing underwater world with daily life, we founded Dive Inspire in May 2014.

When talking about the underwater world, many people may think of the whale sharks, gentle giants of the sea, or the manta rays, gigantic birds of the ocean or smaller fish like cutie yellow boxfish. For us, we are a big fan of an animal which has more than 3,000 known species from as tiny as the size of pointer tip or larger than the palm-size. With variety of shape and vivid color patterns, many divers undeniably fall in love with this fascinating creature. Right, we are talking about nudibranch, the inspiration of Dive Inspire.

Our collection was initially designed around this graceful nudibranch and later on extended to other deep-sea species aiming to introduce these fantastic creatures to all beloved divers and everyone. The items have been created for different functions from clothing, decorative items to accessories which can be tagged along anywhere you go. 

Finally, we hope Dive Inspire can help alleviate sea-sick during working days for divers without carrying scuba tank, breathing through regulator or dealing with nitrogen narcosis including all who love or start falling in love with underwater world like us.

We wish to be an inspiration for you to explore a whole new world and enjoy these wonderful underwater creatures with us.

 Thank you very much for visiting our website!